How to Choose Generation in Renewed Laptops

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Growing demand of more advanced features in the laptop automatically leads to the development of higher generation. Newer generation of laptops is more developed in terms of Features, Energy efficiency,USB Ports etc.


If you are planning to buy a Second hand Laptop then you should at least consider 6th Generation because of better performance, speed and compatibility for windows 10.

We have taken Few parameters to explain it well

  1. RAM Technology: As 6th Generation and above Laptops supports DDR4 RAM which works faster at higher frequencies consuming less power than DDR3 RAM which is used in 5th or below generation laptops.
  1. Integrated Graphics: Higher the generation better will be the graphics but one can find the decent graphics starting from the 6th and above generation laptops.
  1. Budget: If you have a handsome budget to buy a refurbished laptop that have all the latest features then you can go for 8th Generation Laptop. Otherwise you should choose at least 6th generation.


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