Is buying refurbished products Good for the planet?

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Buying Refurbished products is not only good for the wallet but also good for the planet: which gives a new life to the product allows us to reduce electronic waste while giving a powerful boost to the circular economy. Apart from that, you get ease of mind with a warranty and easy return policy as you'd expect from a brand new product.

Over the years, technology has been changed drastically and transformed the world. With the rise in demand in electronics products, the world has seen a significant increase in technological consumption, leading to an unprecedented environmental impact. Now a day’s people are more aware and concerned about the environment has resulted in the adoption of many environmental-friendly products and sustainable practices.

Apart from being inexpensive and Pocket-Friendly, refurbished products help protect the environment. Let’s see the different ways refurbished products help save the environment.

1 Help Reducing Energy Consumption

Manufacturing a new electronic device requires lots of time, effort, and human resources. It is very difficult to understand the harmful pollutants and energy released because of the mass volume of production due to high demand.

So, buying refurbished products can significantly reduce energy consumption that would otherwise go into manufacturing a new device.

2. Lowers Electronic Waste

Continuous manufacturing of electronic devices and dumping leads to waste of production efficiency. Normally a Laptop has a 3-4 year Lifespan, most that most people upgrade the laptop to the latest one. This leads to perfectly working laptops ending up in landfills. This is harmful to the environment. Buying refurbished products will put an end to this cycle.

3. Fewer Raw Materials

The majority of raw materials used in manufacturing electronics are difficult to source. Moreover, they require extensive mining and digging into the earth. The carbon footprint generated from transporting the materials to the manufacturing facilities is considerably high. These implications of purchasing a brand new product can be avoided when one opts for an old electronic product.

4. Reduces Carbon Footprint

The carbon footprint that's generated from the Mining of the raw material till the production and transportation of an electronic device is relatively high. By the time the product reaches the marketplace, it's done immense harm to the environment directly and indirectly.

By opting for refurbished Products, you're basically extending the product's lifespan, thereby saving a properly functioning product from ending up in the landfill. Reducing the carbon footprint is a much-needed step toward an eco-friendly lifestyle in today's digital era.

5. Supports - GO GREEN Initiative

Buying refurbished Products help us to support the Go Green Initiative to make our environment and Planet healthy. “Go green - so there will be a tomorrow”.


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